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José Fernández Senior editor

TeamViewer is a desktop sharing application for Windows computers. The name says it all. The application's main goal is to allow the easy manipulation of a remote computer. There are other ways of doing that. I first think of VNC when I want to access a computer remotely. TeamViewer allows you to connect to a computer that is running the host service and see their desktop just as if you were there.
You can do anything on the computer. You can even turn it on or off by simply calling an administrator menu. There are 4 versions of this application, one of which is free and is the one I will be telling you about. That version has almost all the features of the paid versions. It is only missing support for Mac OS X computers and a network managing application. But you can still benefit from the many features that you can use with the Free version. The one advantage that would get me to use this application is the ability to connect to a host computer that is behind a firewall or router. That is difficult to do with VNC applications without having to do some port forwarding here and there. The latest version of TeamViewer is 4.0.5503. However, this review deals with version 4.0.


  • Firewall bypass.
  • Easy to use.
  • The ID idea works great.


  • Why didn't they release this 5 years ago?

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    Rafiq quraishi 15 days ago

    I used it before.

  • 1
    Guest Last year

    Thanks TEAMVIEWER. I love you so much.

  • 1
    Rod Cohen Last year

    Best freeware available. Truly useful for remote controlling user's PCs when they don't know much about technology.

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