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What's new

v15.7 [Jun 9, 2020]
Fixed problem with possible switching TeamViewer ID when updating to Windows 10 Update 2004.

v15.3 [Feb 7, 2020]
- Improved TeamViewer printing: it's now possible to reliably print multiple copies of a document at once.
- A "Copy ID" button has been added to the Allow Remote Control section in the Remote Control tab.
- The "Unattended access" status is now displayed in the status bar.
- The Sign-in button and flow have been improved.
- Please send us your feedback on how we can further improve TeamViewer: Take this short survey
- Fixed a bug for the "Send to" functionality in the Windows context menu that resulted in an empty contact list when the TeamViewer application was not running.
- Minor fixes and Improvements.

v15.2 [Jan 15, 2020]
New Feature:
- The session quality setting is now saved individually to the properties of each device or partner in the Computer & Contacts list.
- New remote session windows now open their previous positions on your screen.
- Changed the location of the crash dump file.

v15.1 [Dec 5, 2019]
New features:
- You can now invite users to join an Augmented Reality session by creating Pilot session codes.
- You can send files during an Augmented Reality session.
Bug fixes:
- Fixed a bug that too many notifications have been shown during copy & paste actions for images from a local to a remote computer.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the execution of PowerShell scripts from the client toolbar's script menu if the username on the remote side contains a blank.

v14.6 [Sep 5, 2019]
New features and improvements for Team Viewer Pilot:
- With TeamViewer Pilot you can now connect to smart glasses of the brands Vuzix, Epson and RealWear.
- TeamViewer Pilot sessions now run with a higher frame rate and better image quality. For both video streams and paused images.
New improvements for TeamViewer Remote Management:
- With Endpoint Protection you now protect your macOS devices against viruses, Trojans, spyware and much more.
Further improvements for TeamViewer:
- A bug that caused interruptions in the audio stream was fixed.
- TeamViewer is fully compatible with the upcoming Apple operating systems iOS 13 and iPadOS, the new operating system for iPads.
New add-ons for connections to mobile devices have been released, these devices are now supported:
- The digital signage player of the Swedish brand DMD.
- The mobile phone Nokia 4.2.
- The smartphones made by VSmart.
- The payment terminals. Pin Pads and Point-of-Sale devices by Nexqo.
- In addition to the already available add-ons for Sharp smartphones, there is now also an add-on for digital signage monitors by Sharp.
- The Philips displays TPM 1531 andTPM1532.

v14.4 [Jun 21, 2019]
- New TeamViewer Pilot tab for more convenient session establishment.
- Integrated TFA into login flow (without the modal dialog).
- Removal of the old user interface to allow improvements in performance and user experience.
- servicecamp - Mobile responsive view.
- Fix for CVE-2019-11769 - Remove the possibility to provide TeamViewer the Windows Admin Account Credentials to update TeamViewer.
- Fixed a bug in the File transfer that resulted sometimes in a freeze of the File transfer window.
- Fixed a bug that prevented to read a chat message to a device without being logged in.
- Solved some other issues which caused crashes.
- Minor improvements and fixes.

v14.2 [Mar 2, 2019]
- Fixed a bug that in some cases prevented connections to the login screen if the remote mac was locked.
- Solved some other issues which caused crashes.
- Minor improvements and fixes.

v14.1 [Nov 30, 2018]
- After a script execution within the session is finished a server notification is now shown with an exit code as well as for failed executions.
- Fixed a bug that caused the remote control window to show black artifacts after minimizing and maximizing it.
- Fixed a bug that caused screen artifacts in some cases while moving a video during the remote connection.
- Fixed a bug that prevent screen updates after minimizing the remote control windows.
- Solved some other issues which caused crashes.
- Minor improvements and fixes.

v14.0 [Nov 8, 2018]
- Custom Device Information: Add the information you need for your daily work to the devices in your Computers & Contacts list. Display details such as operating system, manufacturer, department, or any option you specify. Centrally configure the important fields for your company in the Management Console so your colleagues can enter the relevant information in the Computer & Contacts list.
- Advanced Device Grouping: Quickly and easily group your devices according to the properties that are most relevant to you. You can use the custom device information for optimal management and arrange the devices in your Computer & Contacts list according to your current needs.
- One - Click Remote Script Execution: Say goodbye to repetition. Use scripts to automate routine processes and save time on common tasks. Execute standardized processes with just one click using pre-written scripts. Simply write the code, upload your work in the Management Console, and access your saved scripts easily and conveniently during each session.
- Performance Increase for Low Bandwidth: On average, 1 out of 5 TeamViewer sessions runs on low bandwidth connections (<1Mbps). Our new version improves speed and reliability for our users running on those connections due to smart adaptive compression that auto-detects low bandwidth and adjusts compression.
- Trusted Devices Management: Keep track of the devices and IP addresses that you have trusted. Administrators can also view all of the company's trusted devices and easily remove them in an emergency for maximum security.
And even more:
- Dark Mode.
- servicecamp Integration into the QuickSupport Module.
- Optimized for best performance in macOS Mojave.
- Enhanced Connection Quality Through Distributed Login Handling.
- New client design.
- New iOS Screen Sharing Workflow.
- Remote printing now also works on HP printers.
Bug fixes:
- Fixed a bug that prevented connections to a locked macOS device
- Fixed a bug that prevented incoming sessions from being recorded correctly when using the TeamViewer Host module.
- Fixed a bug that caused TeamViewer to hang when closing TeamViewer while a save screen recording window was opened.
- Fixed a bug that caused TeamViewer to crash when switching to grayscale mode while a video was playing in the remote control session.
- Fixed a bug that caused the remote screen to become blurry when switching from a portrait to a landscape monitor.
- Fixed a bug that caused the own monitor to not be correctly displayed while hosting a meeting.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented connections to be established correctly under certain circumstances.
- Solved some other issues which caused crashes.
- Minor improvements and fixes.

v12.0 [Nov 15, 2016]
May contain unspecified improvements or bug fixes.

v11.0 [Nov 10, 2015]
Option to receive 'insider builds' is now available
Added notification with unread conversation count in chat icon of Computers & Contacts list
Improved hover behavior in the toolbar
'Computer sounds' checkbox in the toolbar is now in 'Communicate' menu
Fixed a bug that sometimes made the screen flicker on Windows 10
Fixed some bugs which caused crashes during a file transfer session
Fixed a bug which caused the sound to be broken when converting recorded sessions from .tvs to avi
Fixed a bug which caused missing or double messages in chat conversations
Fixed a bug that cameras weren't identified after update
Solved some other issues which caused crashes
Minor improvements and fixes

v10.0 [Nov 4, 2014]
TeamViewer 10: Improvements and new features
Performance optimizations
TeamViewer 10 includes significant performance optimizations. CPU usage optimizations for multi-core processors, HD voice transmission quality, and faster login and load times for the Management Console are just a few examples.
graphic separator bar
Central setting policies
Apply setting policies, distribute them, and enforce them if necessary, all via the Management Console. Any changes to setting policies are automatically applied to all installations. IT Admins will be happy to know that importing .reg files is now a thing of the past.
Manage your setting policies from within the Management Console
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Grant access to individual users and entire companies
Master whitelist
Permit access to all your devices using just one whitelist. No longer worry about having to grant users access via the whitelist on each specific device. Also reduce administrative work now by adding companies to the whitelist instead of having to manage access rights for individual users.
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Chat history and persistent chat groups
Refer back to a previous discussion to find information or help resolve an issue. TeamViewer 10 provides a complete chat history for all conversations, and chats are end-to-end encrypted. Create persistent chat groups for ongoing discussions as well.
Persistent chat groups keep everyone involved in the conversation
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Conveniently talk to multiple partners at once in a video call
One-click video calls
Reach out to your colleagues using video and VoIP in exceptional quality for both image and audio without having to first start a meeting. See and talk to multiple participants simultaneously in a single call, and share your screen at any time. As always, security is paramount to TeamViewer, so video calls are end-to-end encrypted just as regular screen sharing meetings are.
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Add your profile picture
Put a face to your name and a personal touch to your online presence. Your profile picture is displayed in the Computers & Contacts list, chat window, request dialogs, and similar locations where it helps to identify you and add to your professional image.
Profile pictures add a personal touch to your professional image
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TeamViewer 10 makes finding nearby contacts easy
Automatically find nearby contacts
Quickly find the right person or device with whom or which to share your screen or files. TeamViewer 10 now automatically displays nearby computers and contacts.
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Ultra High Definition - 4K display - support
Ultra high definition monitors, also known as 4K displays, are becoming increasingly popular because of their incredible image fidelity. By means of intelligent scaling, TeamViewer 10 provides flawless connections to 4K displays for both remote control and meeting sessions.
Ultra high definition displays scale to fit in TeamViewer
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Customizations are applied to download sites and waiting rooms
Greater emphasis on your corporate identity
Customizations are now applied to the download site for the custom modules as well as the waiting room for meetings and service cases. This gives your corporate identity a more prominent presence.
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Real-time session notes

v8.0 [Nov 9, 2012]
New features:
--Session handover from one expert to another
Invite a colleague to an active remote control session to resolve a support case together. If necessary, you can hand over the session completely.
--Comment on sessions for billing documentation
Enter your comments immediately after closing the remote control session. In your TeamViewer Management Console you will find all the information clearly documented, e.g. for billing. Platform-comprehensive for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android.
--Share selected groups with other TeamViewer accounts
Do you provide service to your clients together with colleagues? Now it is easy to share individual groups on your computers & contacts list with the team, so that your colleagues have quick access on shared client computers. Read or write permissions can be set individually.
--Easy remote printing in your home office
Simply print out documents from remote computers on the printer next to you, e.g. while connecting to your office from home, without having to transfer files. You will always have all the important documents for a meeting or a client visit on hand, even if you have forgotten them at the office.
--Schedule online meetings easily in Microsoft Outlook
Now you can plan your online meetings directly in your Outlook calendar via the integrated TeamViewer button. Briefly convert existing appointments into TeamViewer meetings and send the updated invitation conveniently with the necessary access information.
--Session recording, including sound and video for perfect documentation
Record both, online meetings and remote control sessions, including sound, VoIP, and videos. Ideal for proofs and training in the near and distant future.
--Remote sound and video
Hear and see what is happening on the remote computer, whether it is a system sound, music, or videos. You can now show your participants a video in real-time during an online presentation, depending on computer performance and internet connection.
Video transmission in real-time is only possible in licensed connections.
--Remote account logout
View current logins to your TeamViewer account in the TeamViewer Management Console. Close them later if you happen to have forgotten to log out of your account when having worked on another device.
--Automatically log out of operating systems after remote access
The remote computer is automatically locked instantly if the connection is closed or interrupted. This ensures that no one gains unintended access to the Mac or Windows computer you were just connected to.
--Completely new: The TeamViewer Management Console
web-based administration of your entire support team
integrated TeamViewer Web Connector
expanded TeamViewer Manager features

v5.0 [Nov 30, 2009]
New to this version a feature enables the administrator to reboot remotely, it also includes VoIP (audio and video conferencing), and integrated teleconferencing. Windows 7 and 64 bit OS compatibility has been added.

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